Whereas, the buyer (YOU) are invited to purchase one or more shares of stock in the 2014 SMM summer service trips. Thirteen SMM underclassmen and three adults will participate in the Young Neighbor In Action work camp in Neopit, WI and eleven upperclassmen and two adults will participate in the Boston, MA workcamp.  Your stock purchase will help fund our transportation and chaperone costs and insure our participation in this worthy endeavor.

A list of our SMM stockholders will be published in our summer parish newsletter.  All stockholders will be entitled to a formal stock certificate and a picture and note from one of our students while they are on the service trip.  On our return, our service experience will be shared with the Faith Community.

This is a onetime offer and stock shares will be sold ONLY through this letter.  Stock shares are priced at $10.00 each.  If interested in purchasing one or more shares, kindly detach the lower portion of this letter and mail it along with your payment to the SMM parish office or drop it in the weekend collection basket.   Hurry and participate in this worthwhile and exciting offer!!!!

We really need your help!  Thank you for your consideration…….


The SMM Stock Clearinghouse

****Dividends paid in heaven******