Are you going to buy gas, groceries or eat out this week? Do you need a gift card gift for an event coming up? If the outlook is favorable, please consider participation in our SCRIP program.
SCRIP is a program that allows St. Mary Magdalene to get funds from local businesses with no extra cost to our parishioners.  Local businesses generate business by giving a certain percentage from the gift cards back to St. Mary’s.  Using 
SCRIP does not cost you anything extra, it is essentially free money for our parish (anywhere from 3%-20%). 

Example: A family of four spends $100 a week in gas, $100 a week in groceries, and $25 in toiletries.  The percentage back from gas is between 2% & 10%.  The percentage for groceries is between 3% & 5%.  The percentage for retail is between 2% & 13%.  So each week this family could easily bring in $5 a week in gas, $5 a week in groceries, and  $2 a week in various other purchases.  Over the course of the year that’s $624 that comes to the parish without costing the parish or parishioners a dime.

*** See Mass Schedule for Weekends Scrip is going to be AVAILABLE