A columbarium is a structure which provides a final resting place for those who chose cremation at the time of their passing. Cremation of the bodies of the departed is an accepted practice within the Catholic church. With an ever expanding population and an increasing concern for land use, coupled with escalating burial expenses, cremation has become a more common practice.
From a theological and liturgical perspective, cremation does not in any way alter the practice or custom of the church at the time of burial. Following the Mass of Christian Burial, the ashes of the departed, contained in a simple urn, are either buried in the cemetery or could be placed in a designated columbarium niche. The committal portion of the funeral service is prayed in the presence of family members and/or friends. Once the service is over and the necessary preparations are completed, the niche into which the urn has been placed is closed with a permanent cover and is appropriately engraved with the name and dates of birth and passing.
If you are interested in purchasing a columbarium niche, please contact a member of the cemetery committee. You may call the office at 715-258-2088. The committee will proceed with construction of a columbarium only after 50% of the niches are purchased for future use. The estimated cost for a columbarium niche is $1,000.