“As Catholics and Americans we are uniquely called to global solidarity”.(US Bishops) As the stated mission of the Social Concerns Committee (SCC) is to promote by education and action the Social Justice Teachings of the Church, they began to consider the possibility of finding another Catholic parish in a developing country with which to “twin”. Through this relationship, the love of God flows between the two communities as the parishioners begin to care, share and pray for one another. It responds to our Bishops’ call to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ, expands a parish community’s self-identy, and shows an appreciation for the universal Church. Friendships will be formed across diverse backgrounds and we may even discover new ways of doing things within our own parish.

The SCC met with the PPC last month and was encouraged by their approval to seek a consensus among the parishioners and organizations of SMM. This is not a project or commitment only for the SCC but the entire parish. We are now looking for members from the parishioners and representatives of as many organizations within our community who would like to work with the SCC, first to assess the possibility of a sister parish and define expectations and goals, then to set up a partmership agreement, to find a suitable sister parish, and to implement the agreement with actions.

Any individual who feels they need more information, would like to express their opinion, or would like to get involved with the Sister Parish oversight team, may contact Mary Gordon at 715-412-0942 or pipingcat@gmail.com , Kay Edlebeck at 715-256-3785 or kay.edlebeck@gmail.com or any other memer of the SCC. A team of 8-10 will begin work on this endeavor in January.