For a Catholic, burial in a Catholic Cemetery is not just a pious tradition, but a privilege.

When a Christian dies, they remain a part of the community they shared while alive. This is evidenced by the religious activities that surround their death and burial, the constant remembrance they receive in the prayers of the church and the recognition given to their burial place in a Catholic cemetery.

When should one choose a family burial place? Choosing a family burial place is inevitable. It can be done when there is a death or it can be done before death thoughtfully and at one’s own convenience. Death is a time of stress. Many things must be done quickly with little time to think them through. Selecting a burial place is one of the few things that can be done in advance to relieve future strain. Death is a time of expense – and selecting early can relieve a financial problem later when such problems are a real burden. Contact Cemetery Sexton with further questions or to purchase burial lots.


To contact┬áCemetery Sexton at St. Mary Magdalene – call 715-258-2088.

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