It’s that time of year again when we sharpen the pencils, order the textbooks and put out a parish wide search for catechists. The search for catechists is the most difficult task at hand. While many may think we just take a “warm body” to catechize our students, this is not the case. Our catechists are some of the most dedicated of all our parish members. Week after week they spend their precious time preparing lessons and find the most effective way they know to pass the faith along to our children. There is no more important task than this.
When Bishop Ricken came to our diocese several years ago, he brought with him a love of the Catholic faith and Catholic doctrine, as well. In an effort to improve on the catechesis of students both in Catholic schools and Parish Religious Ed programs in the Green Bay diocese, last year Bishop mandated that a National test (ACRE) be administered to assess the knowledge of these students. As a result, this past March all fifth, eighth and twelfth grade students in Catholic schools and Rel. Ed. programs took the ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis in Religious Education) test.
I am very happy to report that Saint Mary Magdalene students scored extremely well ! The students’ scores were well above the Diocesan average for parish Rel. Ed. programs and very close to or above scores for students in Diocesan Catholic schools.
advanced/proficient category
89% of our fifth graders
75% of our eighth graders
94.7% of our 12th graders
This is a direct reflection on the dedication and diligence of our catechists and parents. A huge thank you goes to all who helped our young people prepare for the test. Their knowledge of our faith will provide the foundation for their relationship with our Lord. While every one of our catechists is a “warm body” – they are fueled by a huge heart – one on fire with the love of Christ.