The St. Mary Magdalene Pictorial Directory first session of photo shoots will be held July 14-16 at the church from 2 – 9 pm. (done)

Subsequent sessions will be held August 13-14 from 2-9 pm and Saturday August 15 from 9-4 pm. (done)

The September session will be held September 16-18 from 2-9 pm, Saturday the 19th from 9-4 pm, Friday the 25 from 2-9 pm and Saturday the 26 from 9-4pm.

Starting the second week in June you will receive three robo calls giving you information and encouraging you to sign up for one of the time slots and one as a reminder. You will be able to sign up on line at the provided link, on facebook and before and after Mass beginning in June. You may also call Donna at 715-258-5928 after 5 pm.

If you need assistance call the parish office at 715-258-2088 and ask for Kathy Brasch.   By signing up you will receive a free 8×10 photo and a free directory. You are encouraged to bring a pet or any item that is of importance to you.

Parishioners and their families should sign up by using this link.