Six percent of our parish income goes towards tithing …. helping the poorest of the poor.
The Social Concerns Committee makes decisions regarding this tithing based on our tithing mission statement which states:
“The tithe of St. Mary Magdalene Parish is to provide financial assistance in a compassionate manner to individuals and families in order to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and health care.”

Thank you for your generous financial support that makes this tithing possible. We welcome your suggestions and would evaluate them according to our Tithing Mission Statement.

The organizations listed below received money
from our tithe this quarter.

$500 Young Neighbors in Action
$1000 Food for the Poor
$500 Water Project
$3000 Catholic Relief Services (Oklahoma tornado)
$150 Ruby’s Pantry
$500    CFCA Sponsorship
$250 Foundations for Living
$100 Community Garden
$100 Red Cloud Indians in North Dakota
$200 Casa de los Angeles
$200 Arlington Academy of Hope
$500 Sister Pat – Migrant Aid