Amazingly, it is time for Operation Christmas Child again!  More than ever, our generosity is needed.

Our Religious Education Students have kindly put together boxes, which we encourage you to take one (or more) and fill.  Please make sure to return them to church by the weekend of November 10-11.  All directions on how to fill the box and mark it are included in an easy-to-follow brochure in each box.

You are welcome to use one of the provided boxes or use a plastic box.  Several stores in our area have them for about $1 each.  The plastic boxes themselves are a great part of the gift.  In many of the countries where our gifts go, these boxes become storage to keep the heat and insects from harming family belongings.  If you do use a plastic box, please label it as you would a pre-made box.  You are encouraged to secure a rubber band around any box.

If you find that you are unable to fill a box, please just return it to the church, so it can be filled by another person either this year or next.

Thank you so very much for your generosity!  Thank you, too, to the Social Concerns Committee for purchasing the boxes and to the Religious Education students for assembling the boxes for us!