Don Bretwisch, one of our parishioners, wanted us all to be aware of Mooseheart, which is a non-profit coeducational home and school for children in need. Mooseheart serves youth who, for whatever reason, cannot be provided a suitable home by their parents or guardians. Mooseheart is located in Illinois, just 40 miles west of Chicago. Children are never turned away for lack of finances. These benefits are made possible by the continued support of the Moose Fraternal Organization. Mooseheart is a full time year round residential childcare facility for eligible children of needy families. Children live in one of 30 residences designed like a spacious single-family residence. Each is home for 6-12 children. The children of Mooseheart live with professionally trained Family Teachers with emphasis on social-skills development . Mooseheart is licensed and equipped to care for children and young adults from newborn through age 21. The mission of the Mooseheart School is to create a safe and caring academic community, that prepares students to reach their fullest intellectual and social potential. The website for Mooseheart is or call (630) 906-3631. Don would be happy to answer any questions as well and can be reached at 715-258-9362.