We will host a Living Gift Market after the Masses on December 1st & 2nd. A Living Gift Market is an event that sells food and income-producing animals like goats, bees, chicks and heifers. The animals go to resource poor families working to improve their lives. A Living Gift Market is a chance for you to reach out to people in need. both near and far. It is also an opportunity to give a gift to your family and friends. You honor them with a gift card that describes the gift you have bought in thier honor. You empower an impoverished family with an animal and that family also agrees to share their animal’s first offspring with another family. And that family shares, and the next. We call it a Passing of the Gift.
An example of the cost of the animals which you can buy are starter flocks of chicks, geese, or ducks for $20.00, honey bees for $30.00, a trio of rabbits for $60.00 and a pig, goat, or sheep for $120.00. Even a heifer for $500.00. You can find out more at www.heifer.org. You can call Lauri at 715-258-3962 with any questions.