The youngsters in our Parish are welcome to join us for our Little Lambs Programming this upcoming year.  Little Lambs takes place during our family Masses. We meet after the opening song and Father’s blessing. The children will be called forward, blessed and excused to work on fun activities and curriculum geared towards children ages 3- 5 years old.  We are thrilled to help them learn and explore our Lord’s teachings.
*** This year we are introducing a new component to our Little Lambs curriculum and we are really looking forward to helping families engage and share at home. We have found the most inspiring way for students to flourish in their faith is to have a family component to their catechism. You, the parents and loved ones, are the most influential and important part of your students faith formation and we invite you to join arms with as we walk together on the journey this year and forward.
Each time we meet the students will also be given a fun little lesson packet to work on at home, until the next time we meet.  It will be fun, easy and it can be worked in during a time that works for you and your family! We are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Little Lambs Schedule 2017-18