Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church will be sponsoring a Life Line Screening on 6/30/2014 .  Stroke is a leading cause of death today, affecting over 750,000 people each year.  Every 45 seconds in America, someone suffers a stroke and every 3 minutes, someone dies from one.  This means that during the time it will take you to read this, approximately 15 people in the United States will have died due to a stroke.

Stroke can change your life, but it can also take your life.  Please consider taking part in these potentially life-saving screenings. We are happy to announce that Life Line Screening is providing our parish members $10 additional discounts off a screening package in addition to a $10 donation to Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.  If you would like to take the next step in possibly saving your life or the life of someone you know and if you want to help us as well, please place your name, the tests you would like and your phone number on the sign-up portion of the provided flyers today.

              Please note that you must sign up on either the provided registration sheet, available on the flyers which are available on the health and wellness table under the TV monitor, or by calling the registration number, which is 1-888-653-6450 in order for us to receive our $10 donation as well.   If you prefer to visit the  website to register, you may do so by visiting  You must sign up one of these three ways in order to get both the $10 discount as well as the $10 donation for our organization.