FOCCUS Couples Needed!
St. Mary Magdalene has a need for FOCCUS Facilitators . The FOCCUS Program prepares engaged couples who are planning to get married in our parish. FOCCUS© Facilitators meet privately with engaged couples prior to their marriage to help them celebrate their relationship strengths and communicate positively with each other about issues they may not have thoroughly addressed. Currently, we only have 3 married couples that are preparing our engaged couples. FOCCUS does have a training session that is required.
One-Day Training and Resources: FOCCUS Facilitator Training prepares facilitators to use the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory in their organization. This one-day training includes a detailed FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual, which offers supplemental information and questions to help elicit optimal, positive couple discussion. Participants are trained to:
Administer the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory
Interpret the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory Couple Report
Understand the research-based constructs measured by the Inventory
Use the Couple Report to help couples engage in the marriage preparation

If you would find this kind of volunteer work rewarding, it would fit your God-given talents, and you would have the time, please contact Lauri at the office- 715-258-2088.