Divine Mercy Devotion –

Remember that no sin is too great to be forgiven by God.

All of us make mistakes in life and do things that we regret.  We all rely on God’s mercy, forgiveness and patience!  Despite our many sins, God always gives us a second chance.  All that is needed is sorrow for sin and the intention to do better.  No sin is too great to be forgiven by God!

Each year, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday on the second Sunday of Easter, a day when we, as Catholics, call to mind the great patience, love and mercy that God has for each one of us.  Although this concept of our Faith is quite ancient, the devotion to Divine Mercy is a more recent development.  I would like to make you more aware of its power to transform lives.

“….God is merciful, and He Wants us to turn towards Him and repent of our sins.”

The Divine Mercy devotion began in Poland.  In the 1930’s, Jesus revealed Himself to a holy nun named Sister Faustina Kowalska.  In a series of private visitations, Jesus revealed to her the desires of His Heart and the ways in which He wants us to respond to His Mercy.  He promised special blessings to all who honor and proclaim His mercy.

Our Lord asked Sister Faustina to pray and work for the establishment of a Feast of Divine Mercy on the second Sunday of Easter.  On this day, the whole Church should call to mind God’s great love and mercy.  After years of investigation by the Church, the devotion that Sister Faustina advocated was formally approved in 1978.  From that time on, the devotion spread quickly throughout the world.  Sister Faustina Was canonized a saint in 2000.

So, Devine Mercy Sunday is a powerful reminder that God always gives us a second chance.  The message of this day is simple: God is merciful and He wants us to turn towards Him and repent of our sins.  This message is not new – indeed it has been proclaimed throughout salvation history.  However, in our own time, Saint Faustina has become a “prophet of divine mercy.”  Through her, Christ is calling us again to repent of our sins and return to Him.

Devine Mercy devotion is not limited to this one Sunday of the year.  As part of this devotion, special prayers such as the “Divine Mercy chaplet” may be recited at any time.  Reception of the Eucharist and Sacrament of Confession also is recommended.

The Divine Mercy illustration depicts Jesus with rays of light coming forth from His heart.  Under the image are the words, “Jesus I Trust in You!”  This is the whole message of Divine Mercy: trust in the mercy and love of God.  Once again, no sin is too great to be forgiven!

From A SHEPHERD TENDS HIS FLOCK by Father John Girotti

Reprinted with permission.