The Diocese of Green Bay is in the process of developing a 5-year visioning plan. In order to assemble the plan, it is soliciting the input of the parishes to discern the strengths and the life-giving elements of the parishes as well as their hopes and dreams.

In the next several weekends, we will be asking some very simple questions at mass and will also have the questions on our web site. We will have note cards in the pews that have one question per weekend. You will have about 5 minutes to respond to the question and then it will be collected. At the request of the parish pastoral council, a committee led by Lauri VandenBoom, has graciously volunteered to collect and compile the information into a simple report that will be sent to the Diocese by November 15. It is also the wish of the parish pastoral council to use the results of this visioning survey in order to establish a long term 5-7 year stewardship based plan for our parish.

This is designed to be a positive rather than negative experience. The questions that will be asked are simple and will be along the lines of:

1) In your opinion, what is most life giving about St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Community?

2) If nothing stood in the way, and you could have anything you want in the parish, what would it be?

The goal of the first question is to discern what, in the lives of the parishioners is most life-giving. The goal of the second question is to give us a chance to dream big; nothing is considered too great to be listed as an ultimate goal for the parish. If this is done well, it will serve as, not only a valuable tool with which the Diocese can formulate a plan but, a blueprint we can use to assemble a long-range plan for our parish. Over the next week or so, I would ask you to prayerfully consider the above questions and provide your positive insights in this important visioning process.


Fr. Brian

Update: The Diocese has now formulated the questions. If you haven’t already filled out a paper form and would like to take the survey online, click here.