COR Committee Minutes
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Holy Family Room 6:30 pm

The meeting was opened with a prayer.

Present: Terry Bock, Len and Kathy Brasch. Darrell Cornell, Jed DeYoung, Dennis Dornfeld,
Hazel Doyle, John and Kay Edlebeck, Ryan Esch, Father Amal, Mary Gordon, Bill Harvat, Ed Kemp, Todd Klismet, Don Komis, Betty Manion, Russ Meyer, Dean Riley, Abe Rottier, Tom Ryan, Kim Spoerl, Dave and Brenda Wenberg, Allan Birschbach.

The minutes were accepted as presented.

Allan went over the changes as a result of the advisory meetings:
More handicapped parking.
The garage has now become a storage area with an overhead door.
Visibility of trash area from the worship space was discussed.
Windows will have shades in them
There is plenty of light in Chapel windows.
The sound system is not meant to be concert hall quality. Acoustics are better with a higher ceiling.
Great room partition cost is between $40 – 80,000.
Architectural fee will increase with a total schematic remake.

COR Committee response to advisory recommendations:
The spirit room can double as a library.
The library and extra meeting room are not necessary.
Decrease the size of the addition by deleting rooms and moving rooms around therebydecreasing the cost of the addition.
The architect has been asked to come back to the committee in 2 weeks with 2 newschematic layouts with the smaller footprint

Comments from Dennis Dornfeld, chair of the PPC with agreement from Jim Olsen, chair of the finance committee.
Slow the project down and listen to the people.
Finance and build what we can afford.

Further comments:
The critical item is the social hall itself with the necessary bathrooms, kitchen and storagespace.
Need less square footage with contingencies for further growth.
We need to be good stewards of our money.

Next meeting – Tuesday, November 12 at 6:30 pm