Cor Committee Minutes
Sunday, July 14, 2013
6:30 pm Holy Family Room

The meeting was opened with Father Amal leading “The Prayer for the Journey”

Present: Terry Bock, Len & Kathy Brasch, Darrell Cornell, Jed DeYoung, Dennis Dornfeld, Father Amal, Trey & Mary Foerster, Bill Harvat, Ed Kemp, Todd Klismet, Don Komis, Russ Meyer, Abe Rottier and Alan Birschbach.

Architectural Review of changes discussed at the last meeting– Alan Birschbach
· The committee watched a video of a similar addition in Berlin to give us an idea of what it would look like.
· 12 ft. was added to the multipurpose room. It will now seat 280 with round tables and 372 with rectangular tables.
· The need to increase the size of the multipurpose room in order to play sporting activities was discussed. We do not want to duplicate the facilities already available in Waupaca. It was emphasized that this space must contain a spiritual as well as social component.
· The need for a vaulted ceiling was questioned. The vaulted ceiling will enable the room to be more multipurpose. The sides are 16 ft., and the center 20 ft.
· Additional basement space was added for a total of 2,853 ft. The total of the ground floor and basement area is 18,517 ft.
· The necessity for a large garage space was discussed.
· Do we need a stage for play productions? It is possible to use the flexible risers in the choir area or purchase more riser?
· There is room for environment storage on the main level and in the basement. Will meet with the environment committee and discuss their storage needs prior to the next meeting.
· The walls will be block. The block is now sprayed with a more sophisticated waterproof layer. The smooth side of the block will be on the inside. The block on the original building is due to be resealed and could be done at the same time as the building project.
· Melissa will redo a strawman budget to include the new wing as this will impact how much additional debt can be assumed. Currently the HVAC system has too much capacity and should improve with the additional building.
· Alan’s Phase II – Fellowship Hall Time Line was discussed. It was decided that the listening sessions with the parish should start the end of August.

Preliminary Review with Miron – Bill Harvat
· Miron bid and obtained the job in Berlin which is very similar to ours. The cost estimate was $2,900,000 which Miron feels is close to our cost.
· The possibility of letting the entire project out for bid was discussed.

Communication with the Parish
· The minutes will be on the kiosk in the narthex, on the web site and in the bulletin. The minutes will not be published until they have been accepted by the committee.

The next meeting will be Sunday, July, 28, 2013 at 6:30 pm in the Holy Family Room.