Present: 24 members
The meeting was opened with a prayer.

The current architectural plan was discussed. The HVAC,septic and well are already in place. There is a shower in both the men’s and women’s bathroom which will have to be secured. There are stained glass pieces saved from the old church with the intent of putting them somewhere in the Fellowship wing. Many uses were discussed for the large multipurpose room. The ceiling height is 10 ft. Should we consider a vaulted ceiling which would give us more usage flexibility? Have the architect figure it both heights with the design and the cost. Has staging been considered?

The design and use of the kitchen will have to be addressed.

The Spirit Room will stay as is in the RE wing.

Should we consider a permanent area for the sale of religious items?

How to get parish support for the project was discussed. We need to provide a clear message including the cost and time frame. Must be clear on how much debt the parish can assume and the stability of weekly giving. What if we do not raise enough money?? We need a parish informational meeting. Should this meeting be now or in the Fall?

The Cor Committee will meet every 2-4 weeks.

The next meeting will be with the architect on June 30, 2013 at 6:30 pm in the Holy Family Room.