Cor Committee Minutes
Sunday, June 30, 2013
6:30 p.m. Conference Room

• Present: Terry Bock, Len Brasch, Hazel Doyle, Dennis Dornfeld, John and Kay Edelbeck, Ryan Esch , Father Amal, Trey and Mary Foerster, Father Jim Vennix, Bill Harvat, Ed Kemp , Todd Klismet, Betty Manion, Russ Meyer, Ray and Mary Nass, Dean Riley, Tom Ryan, and Dave and Brenda Wenberg.
• The meeting was opened at 6:30 p.m. with a Prayer for the Journey.
• Reviewed the architectural plan with Miron Construction architect Alan Birschbach.
With a need for a basketball court the large Social Hall needs to have 12 feet added to the end. The court would not be regulation size since it is only for recreation.
Insurance liability for youth involved in recreational activities was discussed and the church’s liability. The church has general liability insurance.
Due to new fire codes, fire sprinklers, a fire pump and water reservoir need to be added.
Stairway to basement needs to be wider than four feet to meet code
The five stained glass kite-shaped windows from the old church can be easily accommodated into the window area available.
Discussion about adequate table storage if the social hall is enlarged. Possible additional storage location in the Maintenance Garage.
A first-floor storage area for the Environment Committee was discussed.
Additional costs for the Social Hall’s vaulted ceiling would include materials, additional height, finishing costs and extending the room by 12 feet across the back. There was discussion about sound in the hall and what floor material to use. Architect said there would be an acoustical study of the room. The room could accommodate over 300 people.
Locked glass display storage of religious items for sale was discussed. There will be room in the Library room to accommodate this.
The Social Hall could be expanded in the future.
Energy concerns of AC and solar collectors were touched upon.
Youth usage of church property was discussed with outdoor use restricted from October through April.
Bathroom entrance locations were discussed.
Visual aids needs for the Meeting/Multi-Purpose room were discussed. Wall-mounted TVs would be of great benefit for religious instruction as well as other groups.
A monthly newsletter to parishioners similar to the Journey Journal should be inserted into the church bulletin. It should contain the minutes of the Cor Committee meetings. It is important to make all parishioners a part of the process. Open communication is very important.
It was suggested to put a schematic of the Social Wing in the narthex with pertinent information.
There was discussion about what to call the Social Wing.
Next meeting will be Sunday, July 14, at 6:30 p.m.