Cor Committee Minutes
Sunday, July 28, 2013
6:30 pm Holy Family Room

The meeting was opened with Father Amal leading “The Prayer for the Journey”.

Present: Kathy Brasch, Len Brasch, Darrell Cornell, Jed DeYoung, Dennis Dornfeld, Ryan Esch, Father Amal, Trey Foerster, Mary Foerster, Mary Gordon, Bill Harvat, Ed Kemp, Todd Klismet, Don Komis, Russ Meyer, Jim Olsen, Abe Rottier, Tom Ryan, Brenda Wenberg, Dave Wenberg and Alan Birschbach.

The minutes of July 14, 2013 were approved as presented.

Architect & Engineering Discussion:
• The Alan Birschbach contract will be similar to the previous contract; $25,000 for the preliminary phase and once the scope of the project is decided – 3.75% of the total cost with a credit of the original $25,000.

Discussion of New Revisions:
• Bill met with the Environment Committee. They would like to use some of the garage space for storage, a flat work surface with cabinets below and shelving.
• There will be a closet off of the narthex for Fair Trade items storage. And a display case for religious items that are to be sold.
• Bride’s Room enlarged.
• The windows in the library or the hallway from the narthex could be changed to accommodate the remaining pieces of stained glass.

Cost Update:
• The tentative cost add-ons in the multipurpose room include:
o Steel joists providing expanded ceiling space – $10,000
o Screen covers for the basketball hoops – $21,000
o Additional sq. footage – $190,000
o Basement – $200,000
• The need for a basement was discussed.
o Additional storage, shelter space, pumps for the water reservoir and equipment for the sprinkler system.
o Could the existing garage be added to in lieu of the basement?
o The existing basement could accommodate a shelter for 300 people.
o Could add or subtract as the project moves forward.
• The well and septic were originally sized for the total building project.

Parish Advisory Meetings:
• We need to communicate with the entire parish and give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion.
• Tentative schedule –
o Saturday Sept 7 from 9 to 11:30 am
o Wednesday, Sept 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
o Thursday, September 19, from 9 to 11:30 am
o Saturday, Sept 21 from 9 to 11:30 am

• Need to present plans ahead of time – on easels in the narthex, with rooms clearly delineated. Need to present the history of the entire building project.
• The new wing will be marked off at the Festival for parishioners to get a feel for it.

Fund Raising;
• Len Brasch and Dave Wenberg will co-chair.
o Projected cost is $2,900,000
o Parish would be able to handle an additional $100,000 in debt.
o Must stress the liturgical value of the new wing and how it will benefit our mission.

Next Meeting
• Will be decided at a later date

The meeting was closed with the “Our Father”.