During the following weeks, we will be asking members of our parish to donate home made soup for our Chemo Angels Soup Sale. This is a fundraiser to help support the Chemo Angels in their ministry.

Chemo Angels is a ministry that supports and prays for our local people who are undergoing Chemo Therapy at Riverside Medical Center here in Waupaca. This ministry sends prayers and donates small gifts, such as books, water bottles, lap robes, small hand held games, coffee mugs, sweets etc. to each patient as they enter their therapy for the day. The purpose of the ministry is to bring a bit of cheer to someone who is undergoing intense therapy. A small reminder that someone is thinking of them on an otherwise dreary day is uplifting and lets the patient know that they are in our prayers and in our thoughts.

You may either make the soup ahead of time and freeze it, or bring it in and we will put in the freezer here at the church. If you bring it in the day before our sale date or on the day of the sale, we will sell it freshly made and unfrozen.

You will find the 1-quart containers in the Narthex to be used for this purpose. Please take as many containers as you think you will fill … then return them filled with delicious homemade soup. Then after the Masses on the weekend on Nov. 23 and 24 they will be available for purchase.

Cancer has touched so many of us here at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Community. In memory of those loved ones, please be generous with both your donation of soup, and your purchase of the soup during our “Soup Sale”. If you have any questions, please call the office 715-258-2088.