The Waupaca Knights of Columbus and St. Mary Magdalene Parish have supported Boy Scout Troop #643 and Cub Scout Pack #3677 for many years. At the present time the Troop and the Pack are desperately in need of additional adult support leaders and youth members. If you are an adult and have an interest and /or experience with scouting we need your help. Please contact Vance Linden at 715-258-2927 or 920-636-6132.
If you are the parent of boys of 6 to 17 years of age and would like to have them participate in scouting they should also call Vance Linden (715-258-2927 or 920-636-6132).
Virtually all of our leaders in government and industry today were in Scouting. In scouts you are taught countless skills, you can have fun at camp; you learn how to become a team player. Parents and boys interested in joining scouts are urged to contact Vance Linden at the numbers above for more information about what scouting has to offer you.
There will be a sign-up night on Monday December 9th at 6:00 p.m. here at church. Boys will receive flyers with this information.