There is nothing more encouraging than to know you have the support of those who matter. And those who matter are YOU! Over the past month our Young Neighbors In Action have been actively finishing up their fundraising for this month’s trips to Gallup, NM and Chicago. I am delighted to report that thanks to your very generous donations of $$$ and baked goods, we made a whopping $950! Our parish stock sale was a HUGE success and we also put out a final request to parents of past Young Neighbors to become a Legacy Stockholder and the response to that was also wonderful. Because of YOUR generosity I am happy to report that we have met our goal for this year. Because of you – you have made it possible for 30 Young Neighbors In Action to become your hands and hearts while serving those in need.

Thanks so very much for your support, you can be so proud in knowing that YOU have truly helped make a difference in the lives of our SMM students. I am always so proud to accompany our students who represent the best parish on earth so well! Please pray for our safety during the next two weeks – we will keep you in our prayers, also.

Thanks for all you do!