COR Committee Minutes
Thursday, September 5, 2013
6:30pm Music Room

The meeting was opened with Father Amal leading, “The Prayer for the Journey.”

Present: Terry Bock, Len & Kathy Brasch, Darrell Cornell, Dennis Dornfeld, John & Kay Edlebeck, Father Amal, Bill Harvat, Ed Kemp, Todd Klismet, Dennis Mackin, Russ Meyer, Jim Olsen, Tom Ryan, and Kirsten Greenfield. There were also 10 parishioners present.

The minutes were approved as printed.

Review of the Finance Committee letter to Alan Birschbach in which they requested, from Alan, an idea what the building would look like at $1,500,000, $2,000,000 and $2,6000,000 and above. Alan stated that he was unable to do any more work until he received his down payment of $7,500 along with the contract which the Finance Committee had previously approved. Father requested a review by the COR Committee before disbursement of funds and a contract.
$1,500,000 – 12, 711 sq, ft. shell with plumbing, wiring, the sprinkler system, without a basement and the loss of square footage.
$2,000,000 – The space from the above could be finished.
$1,900,000 – The entire building could be roughed out with wiring, sprinklers and unfinished bathroom and kitchen area.
$2,600,000 – (Approximate) Completion of the entire building without furniture, fixtures and equipment.
$2,900,000 – The entire project could be completed.

Bill would like the project to be out for bid in February.

Len passed out a packet which included:
A letter to the parishioners inviting them to attend one or more of scheduled advisory meetings in which they will be able to ask questions and have input.
Discussion topics for the parish meetings.
The Capital Campaign Team. A Time Table
The project will be introduced to the parish along with the annual report on October 12/13 at the Masses.

Discussion ensued:
The recession/recovery and the employment base in Waupaca.
The question of the basement.
What would happen if there is not enough money raised? It will be put aside as restricted income specifically for the social wing.
The time frame of the parish meetings and the kickoff, Some would like it moved ahead.
The Birschbach contract. The committee agreed to send him the contract and the check for $7,500.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 17, at 6:30 pm.