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Your marriage, your children, your friends, your work . . . every area of your life needs Holy Moments. Decide what area of your life is in most need of Holy Moments today.

If you’re reading The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, finish reading chapters 5 and 6.
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Yesterday’s Post:
The world needs changing, and it is unlikely to happen unless Christians come together to be the change.
*** Today, reach out to a Christian friend whom you haven’t spoken to recently and invite them to catch up over lunch or coffee.
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Third Sunday of Lent
Once there was a couple lived in with the bunch of loving neighbors. One year, the man was in and out of the hospital. Each time his tireless neighbors stepped in – mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, taking the wife to the hospital, picking up prescriptions.
After the man recovered, the wife said, “I‘d like to thank the neighbors for all they did. What would be something they would appreciate?
The man suggested, “Tell them we’re moving.”

Dear friends:
As we all say, change is hard but changes are helping us to have more of new growth. Take the example of a butterfly. To become a butterfly, it has to undergo many changes. Changes happen both inward and outwardly.
We have been reflecting during lent how God is so merciful and compassionate towards his people. This week the liturgy wants us to repent on our lives while thinking of the mercy of God.
In the first reading, we hear the story of Moses calling in the midst of burning bush. God called him to be the leader of the group and lead them to a new nation. God said to Moses that he had come down to rescue them from the hands of Egyptians and lead them out of that land into a good and spacious land. A land flowing with milk and honey.
By revealing whom he was, God developed a lasting relationship with the people of Israel through Moses. God who sees commits himself to the people. God is patient, but expects change.
St. Paul warns us with the events of the past from the Old Testament and be aware to secure ourselves. God did not send the punishment but rather because of the people’s misbehaviors.
Jesus in the Gospel answers the questions of few people with the reference to the events that happened in their time. We also ask ourselves when something like shootings, calamities, earthquakes and hurricanes happen, where was God among all those losses?
People asked Jesus about the meaning of two horrific events. – The slaughter of Galileans by Pilate and the deaths of eighteen people when a tower collapsed in another town. We should keep in mind whenever we read about human-made or natural disasters, God does not punish people in this way. Jesus tries to tell us when we hear such events we should also hear the call to repentance and change of life.
It is true that God watches over us. He watches us but not to catch us in sin and penalize us. He cares for us like the gardener in the parable of the fig tree that seems to take up space. Even the barren tree had another chance. God’s love showed in the exact way in the parable how the gardener patiently waits and hopes for the fruit. God is always thick in the wounds and pains of human life. He goes more all the way to be part of our life. God’ s intention is not to perish us rather give life, life in abundance. (John 10:10)
The meaning of Christian life is to walk the path of conversion, to encourage each other to seek and follow Jesus. There is always a waiting for another chance from God. He is so loving and merciful. Let us take another chance to think about our own life that is contrary to God’s ways and change it to follow God in our life.
Questions for reflection:
Are we ready for conversion?
Do we understand the mercy of God?
Do we realize that God stands by us in our pains and struggles of our lives?
Read Jonah 4: 1- 11 we will understand how God doesn’t punish anyone. He has love and compassion.

Fr. Xavier. You are welcome to Eucharistic Celebration on the weekend.
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